As of the date of this report, Tropicalia has reached the following
major milestones in 2023

  • Tropicalia consolidates its executive team 
  • Cisneros and Four Seasons signed a management agreement to operate an Isay Weinfeld designed resort of 95-keys and 25-residences
  • Construction of the first phase of development commenced
  • Sinergo joins as Construction Project Manager
  • In addition to IDB Invest, other development banks are interested in financing the Tropicalia Project
  • PROMICHES and the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources sign a collaboration agreement that recognizes the multi-stakeholder effort and Sea Turtle Monitoring and Protection Program (PROTORTUGA). In 2023, the Miches 2023 Leatherback Turtle Season began in Playa Limón of El Cedro, Miches.
  • Soy niña, soy importante
      • Fundación Tropicalia commits to bring environmental education and recycling workshops to SNSI, thanks to a collaboration agreement with GIZ, PROMICHES and the Miches Town Hall. 
      • The second fundraising cocktail event was held in partnership with Grupo Bentrani, bringing awareness regarding women and girls rights in the Dominican Republic.
      • SNSI is the charitable cause of the 2023 World Corporate Golf Challenge tournament organized by Factor de Éxito Magazine.
      • We held another in-person edition of the SNSI summer camp.
      • SNSI received recognition from the New York Senate for its tenth anniversary. 
  • Fundación Tropicalia School Fund: Together with the School District, we identified school needs and purchased supplies. The school fund was officially handed over on March 8, 2023, benefiting 2,052 students, 124 teachers, 13 schools and two preschools.